John R. Miller

Digital Media Guy

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My Skills

Project Management

1999 - Present

Copy/Script Writing

1998 - Present

Event Photography

2008 - Present


1998 - Present

Producing / Directing

2002 - Present

Video Editing

1995 - Present


1995 - Present


2015 - Present


2010 - Present

After Effects

2001 - Present


1996 - Present


1996 - Present


Bachelor of Arts – Electronic Media / Communications

Xavier University - Cincinnati, OH

Xavier's smaller class sizes meant more accessibility to the high-end broadcast equipment they had at the time. From day one, I had my hands on the same gear and software found in any local TV station or production house. My key interests: camerawork and editing. I spent weekends shooting student projects and late weeknights in the post suite. Over summer breaks, I would freelance for additional experience. After graduating, I discovered that faculty would regularly show my senior demo reel to incoming e-media majors for years to come.

August 1993 - May 1997


9 Telly Award

2 Silver, 7 Bronze

The Telly Awards annually recognize excellence in television production. I began submitting my work for selection less than 5 years ago and have since accumulated 9 statuettes. A full list of titles, categories, and the roles I played in their production can be found here.

2014 - Present


Iacono Productions logo

Iacono Productions

Cincinnati, OH

Writer / Producer / Director - May 2014 – Present

As a leader of a full-service production team, I develop & present creative solutions for clients' media needs. My job is to turn a shred of an idea into a fully formed concept... and once approved, make it a reality. Drawing upon my past experience in just about every role involved, I'm able to clearly communicate with each member of the production team... and jump in wherever an extra set of hands might be needed. Keeping the project on time, on budget, and focused on its objective are all very important here. However, the finished product should always be something the client, my team and I can all be proud of. At Iacono, I've worked closely with Cintas, Mercy Health, Ferno, and Hill-Rom.

Skills: project management, copy/script writing, producing/directing, customer service, animation, event photography, video editing
Synapse Multimedia logo

Synapse Multimedia

Cincinnati, OH

President / Executive Producer - September 2005 – May 2014

I wore many different hats (often simultaneously) while running an independent media production agency. Drawing upon all of my production skills, I offered services a-la carte or combined as a turnkey project solution. The promise was to deliver big agency quality work without the price tag. Less overhead = more value. Clients included Siemens, The Kroger Company, Hill-Rom, and ABC News Primetime.

Skills: customer service, project management, producing/directing, videography, editing, graphic design, animation, event photography
Hill-Rom logo


Batesville, IN

Media Producer / Director - April 2002 – September 2005

Hill-Rom gave me the opportunity to reconnect with my love of shooting and editing... and hone several other production skills as well. As part of a small, internal corporate media department, I had to be able to do it all: write, storyboard, plan, produce, shoot, direct, edit, animate, and package for delivery. Traveling extensively and servicing the entire enterprise, I often worked directly with executive leadership, including the CEO.

Skills: videography, editing, producing/directing, script writing, animation
Harvest INFO logo

Harvest INFO

Mason, OH

Project Manager - April 2001 – April 2002

At Harvest, I managed a team of designers and developers on 3 different continents in servicing over 60 major US newspapers around the clock. Here, turnaround was tight and multitasking was key. We gave clients the ability to up-sell interactivity and search capability to any classified ad. Accounts for which I was responsible included The Dallas Morning News, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and The Washington Post.

Skills: project management, web development, customer service, problem solving
The PPS Group (New Media) logo

The PPS Group (New Media)

Cincinnati, OH

Technical Director - June 1998 – April 2001

My job here was to take the concept design of a website, DVD, or CD-ROM and determine which technical approach would be best suited to make it a reality. I specialized not only in the technical minutiae of hardware functionality, HTML coding, media compression, etc., but also in finding creative ways of leveraging them to improve UI/UX design. Here I worked on several test-marketing campaigns for soon-to-be P&G products... including Swiffer and Whitestrips.

Skills: interactive design, web development, HTML, media compression, copy writing
The PPS Group (Editorial) logo

The PPS Group (Editorial)

Cincinnati, OH

Assistant Editor / Animator - August 1997 – May 1998

I started out on the ground floor... which was the dub floor, actually. For the first 6 months, I ran commercial dubs at night before earning a daytime edit assist position. Here I had the opportunity to create animated text effects for nationally aired TV spots. Chevrolet, Super America, and Geico, and were regular clients back then.

Skills: video editing, graphic design, animation

Available For

Video Production

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Creative Writing

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Graphic Design

Designing logos and promotional materials are things that I truly enjoy... finding that balance between subtle and sublime. Let's create something eye-catching and memorable!


I don't do weddings or headshots, but I take pleasure in documenting events... catching candid shots of people doing their thing and having fun. Good times make for good photos!

Web Development

If you're in need an online presence, I can assist with domain, hosting, & email setup... as well as help you create a clean, easy to use, and informative forum for your content.

Building Stuff

It may be completely unrelated to my profession, but I love breaking out the power tools, working with wood, and building things that last. My dad was a builder... so it's in my blood.


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